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Rowing club KVM 1881 Mělník offers an accommodation for up to 18 people in its own boathouse. Five dormitory –style rooms equipped with a fridge share common toilets, showers, kitchenette and a small dining room. The boathouse is in the walking distance from the historical town center and the accommodation is suitable for sport minded people.
(See location on the map)
The price varies from 120, - to 200, - CZK (approx. 5,- – 8, - EUR) accordingly to the number of people in a room.
Contacts and more information

Chairman KVM 1881 Mr. Štyler
Mobile phone +420 602 253 516 (in German)

International relations KVM 1881 Mr. Holub
Mobile phone +420 776 789 750 (in English or Italian)

Mobile phone in Czech language only +420 774 586 685
Do you speak English? Call Jan Krejza +420 732 215 111
Sprechen Sie deutsch? Rufen Sie Jan Krejza +420 732 215 111

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