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KVM 1881
Founded in 1881 KVM 1881 Mělník Rowing Club is one of the oldest and most competitive clubs in the Czech Republic.
KVM 1881 Mělník Rowing Club has been the home of rowing on the river Labe well for over a century opening in 1881. The club has had a few previous boathouses on the site; the last of which went the way of its predecessor on the 9th of May 1945 when accidentally bombed by Soviet dive-bomber airplane old boathouse collapsed leaving the club homeless. The new one was built 1953 and since then belongs to the town's water front together with lovely views of Mělník's historic castle, church and vineyards.
Despite its small size, KVM 1881 Mělník has enjoyed a highly creditable level of success at regattas and head of the river races across the country. Since its formation, members have included international oarsmen and former Olympians. Many members have gone on to gain international success and the Czech Republic selection and currently club’s youngsters yearly harvest medals from the National Championship.
In addition to our junior squad, we also have a number of „older“members for whom rowing has become a part of their lives. They practice on a regular base and go to competitions according to their interests and possibilities. Our masters create the real back-bone of club’s life and for decades these members keep the KVM 1881 still flying high.
(Pokud máme na fotce někoho z veteránů…., možná, Tomáš bude mít?)
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